We are pleased to announce that our Behaviors with Friends app is now available for iPad.



Our Behaviors with Friends app use videos of real children in common social situations to help teach your child how to behave appropriately, solve problems, make good decisions, and properly communicate with the friends and other powers.


Your child watches the video scenarios, and then the narrator and animated characters stop the action to ask your children questions.


Correct answers are rewarded with collectible stickers for your child’s virtual sticker book, and wrong answers are explained and results in another chance.



Behaviors with Friends looks and feels like a game, so you child will have fun while learning.


Each “Story” focuses on a common behavioral problem for children, such as:

  • resolving conflicts with peers without resorting to tantrums, name calling or physical violence;
  • self-management and dealing with anger and frustration in a positive fashion;
  • sharing and taking turns with friends;
  • being a good sport;
  • telling the truth;
  • bullying; and
  • not interrupting.