Potty Training Tips

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Potty training any child is difficult, but potty training a child on the autism spectrum or a child who has another developmental disability can be particularly trying. Our little ones like their routines and are often resistant to any changes, and they often have sensory issues and ritualized and repetitive behaviors which make it difficult […]

Teach2Talk Co-Founder Sarah Clifford Scheflen, Together with Colleagues at UCLA, Publishes Research on Using Video Modeling to Teach Play and Language to Children with Autism

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Read below for information about how: Sarah and her colleagues at UCLA conducted research into using video modeling to teach children with autism appropriate play with toys (and language) through a developmental hierarchy of play levels this research was published as Using Video Modeling to Teach Young Children with Autism Developmentally Appropriate Play and Connected […]

Video: Implementation Best Practice Tips for Using Our Teach2Play Videos as an Evidence-Based Intervention to Teach Play Skills

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Watch this video for tips on best practices when implementing teach2talk’s teach2play series of video modeling DVDS as an evidence-based intervention.

Video: Introduction to the Developmental Importance of Play and How Our Teach2Play Videos Work

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This video explains the developmental importance of play, how children typically develop play skills, and how teach2talk’s teach2play series of video-modeling DVDs can help children who haven’t yet with targeted video modeling, an evidence-based intervention.

Enter Our “Tell Us Your Story Contest”

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2009 Tell Us Your Teach2Talk Story Contest September 30, 2009 – October 31, 2009 General Information How did you first hear about Teach2Talk? What made you decide to try a Teach2Talk video modeling product? How have they helped your child(ren) or students? What do you like best about Teach2Talk, and what do you wish you […]